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By Anastacia mott Austin

By Anastacia mott Austin

With a 7-2 vote, the administrative committee at Portland, Maine€™s King Middle School decided Wednesday to give blessing the city-run national health clinic housed at the school to dispense birth control capsules to sexually active students.

The decision was made after the clinic made the inquire to bolster high-school-aged students who were still attending middle school. A survey performed by the sanatorium pursue space revealed a very small number of students, aged 14 again 15, reported being sexually active.

But the resulting uproar has more to do with the fact that the school is additionally attended by 11-year-olds who could possibly get the contraception, also that the clinic is bound by confidentiality laws, so that a minor child facility be able to obtain birth govern pills without her parents€™ knowledge.

“We are dealing plant children,” observed former school nurse Diane Miller at a public assembly. “I am just horrified at the suggestion.”

Others feel that while it€™s not ideal thanks to young teenagers to be sexually active, it€™s worthier to consider them taking birth control pills than becoming parents.

Portland€™s district coordinator of college nurses Amanda Rowe told reporters, “I see students every second whose lives could be ruined by means of an unwanted pregnancy who are having sexual intercourse and who ambition protection.”

The decision was prompted in part by means of the incidence of seven pregnancies among middle-school students over the past four oldness. tsar center School serves a large percentage of economically disadvantaged students, who are statistically more likely to appearance problems such whereas early sexual intercourse and teenage pregnancy.

Sarah Thompson, a member of the committee who voted to approve the plan, and also the mom of an eighth-grader at the King school, told reporters, “I know i have done my job as a parent. But there may be a time when she doesn’t feel comfortable coming to me€”not all these kids have a strong parental exponent at home.”

Another parent instance at a subsequent committee meeting united. “I’d rather see a health center here and a kid be able to get birth direct in a health center than see a pregnant 12-year-old,” said middle-school parent Gail Kesich.

Some parents feel the turn up is not that it€™s birth control, but that a health clinic anywhere could direct drugs to their children minus their knowledge.

The clinic does obligate a parental consent form because their children to visit the health center, but once signed, the sire does not permit the clinic to inform folks about what their children are combat there. in accordance to state privacy laws, they are not allowed to, even if the patients are minors.

But anything needs to body done, put forth proponents, to protect the kids who are sexually active. Mike McCarthy, King€™s school principal, told the press, “We have to, in some cases, protect children from risky behavior, that direction some cases they are not talking to their parents about.”

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