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“Dozens of people evacuated and hundreds more left gone astray

“Dozens of people evacuated and hundreds more left gone astray power after a water pipe burst today” “One of Britain’s busiest roads was transformed into

“Dozens of people evacuated and hundreds more left gone astray power after a water pipe burst today” “One of Britain’s busiest roads was transformed into a vast lake yesterday after a water main burst in the early hours of the morning” “Pensioner awakes to lake agency back garden after mains burst” “A span have been stunned when a water highest burst external their home – shooting water improvement 15ft to their bed room window”The upper headlines hit sweat into the hearts of dampen company chairmen, managers, engineering staff, customers and insurers alike. Unfortunately they are becoming more and additional common as the piped grease that carries water to our homes is entrench beneath further besides additional stress.A water or trunk main or transfer main is a principal pipe, normally large diameter, in a system of bagpipe for conveying water, normally installed underground. Every water company’s nightmare is the sight and sound of a burst water highest. The danger to life and property from flooding, the misfortune caused to businesses travellers and the public, the damage to property, the poor PR through the water agency and the cost of emergency repairs are significant and annoying for organic concerned. The two biggest complications with mains bursts are that they are difficult to predict and when they occur besides they are hard to discover until the water is out besides the damage is done. The expertise to predict and pinpoint a mains crack up location would have a hugely beneficial effect for the wide align of parties affected by this latent threat.In order to tackle this problem, Ashridge Engineering Limited, a company with 30 senility experience in designing and developing instrumentation seeing the utilities industries, were selected as a “partner company” by a major water company. The specific goal over Ashridge was to supply a cost effective, battery operated monitoring and alarm gadget for the detection and pinpointing of burst water mains.HydroGuard‚® is a Tri-parameter (Flow, Pressure & Noise) SMS based data logger, touchy unit, and burst moisten main id / location unit for water trunk and transfer mains. The HydroGuard unit albatross be set to measure at 15 skimpy intervals and ‘learn’ a ‘pipeline activity signature’, (PAS). This PAS comprises flow, pressure and noise profiles at both 15 infant interval across the 24 hour period. involved High, Low or Combination alarms can be set on each of the 3 rote with activation of various actions. These include starting up a unique better frequency logging rate, (FastLine), during the period of interest and the initiation of alarms sent directly to mobile phones via SMS. more recently the scope has been widened to come with formal integration into the water company’s irrigate Control Centre – the system used to work out water for the whole of a large metropolis including sweat rule again response handling.Within the control centre, the dedicated HydroGuard PC base station receives the incoming SMS messages on a daily basis and presents the compressed data in a illustration format for peek and archiving. In adjunct the Ashridge utility displays incoming stress notifications to help determine the probability besides location of a major shout. As the system learns to recognise the signature of an impending burst, so the wet company engineers will get closer to being able to predict destined bursts and pinpoint their location. This will shake on resources to be despatched to the point of interest in enough time to mitigate the harmful effects of a mains burst both socially besides corporately.System Features:* Rugged and waterproof * Minute by lilliputian flow readings * Tri-parameter sensing: * Pressure * Flow * Noise * “Learn Profiling” * “FastLine” and SMS transmission facilities * Remote configuration * No external Power supply principal * Comms by way of GSM magnetism * Connects to correlators for in line leakage detection without removal of move sensorSystem Benefits:* Fast burst notification * Asset identification – which trunk main * Burst region – which “shuttable” section * Integrated into company control systems, or remotely managed by Ashridge Engineering * Allowing faster repairs, minimising flood harm * Ease of origination * desire life, self contained unitsThe HydroGuard project has been a practical co-operation with our water company partner as the last 4 years. Valuable comprehension has been gained into the behaviour of mains bursts and the electronic measurement signature which prefaces a burst. Ashridge engineering has offered a significant number of trial methods for our customer and is ready to roll outward a dedicated, field tested product designed for operation in all undertakings that deliver water domination large diameter pipes.Ashridge engineering – more approximately HydroGuardRead the HydroGuard PDF

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