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It should be noted that this article is for information

It should be noted that this article is for information purposes only besides should not, below any circumstances, be authorised as legal advice.

The West Coast has a attribute through owing to the more laid back side of America and, as a result, medical marijuana is legal significance many of the West Coast states. In comparison, the more conservative East Coast has a much small enviornment leadership which medical marijuana is legalized. With only three states ascendancy total location medical marijuana can be used legally, we look at the East Coast states where medical marijuana is legal:


Medical hemp was legalized in Maine again in 1999, and has therefore been legal in the Pine Tree State for over 10 dotage. The vote went to ballot also 61% voted in favour of making the drug legal whereas medical profit. There are certain circumstances in which medical hemp is prescribed and these are epilepsy, glaucoma, MS, cancer, AIDS, Hepatitis C, Alzheimer€™s, Crohn€™s and nail patella nephrosis. Patients on medical marijuana need to pay a $100 refining fee for a card, which enables them to legally possess up to 2.5 ounces of useable medical marijuana. They may also domesticate up to six marijuana plants, of which definite up to three subjection be mature at any one time.


The burgeoning Mountain epitomize legalized medical hemp in 2004 in a senate bill relating to medical marijuana usage for those people with severe illness. Sufferers of cancer, AIDS, MS or those that are hiv positive boundness take medical marijuana, however registration is mandatory. Users have to not possess more than two mature plants, seven cannabis plants and 2 ounces of medical marijuana at ingredient one time.

Rhode Island

A 2006 senate bill made medical hemp legal in Rhode Island for sufferers of the equable conditions specified leverage Maine. Rhode Island accepts medical marijuana playing cards from any unlike US state or territory, and users can grow up to 12 marijuana plants and obtain up to 2.5 ounces of medical marijuana. Meanwhile primary caregivers may not possess more than 24 marijuana plants and 5 ounces of medical marijuana at any one time.


scientific hemp is not felony in Maryland. However, in 2003 the state passed a bill that allowed defendants being prosecuted for hemp hackneyed term to enter a medical safeguard. This defence must be approved by a physician in edict to stand up in court. If the court finds medical necessity to be a mitigating factor, then the only penalty that they blame impose is a fine, now not to exceed $100.


Medical marijuana only became legal in Washington DC ascendancy late July 2010. As a result, the state has not yet decided how the medical marijuana program will run, and this program is not expected to be energetic before the end of 2010. Currently sufferers of chronic and debilitating conditions can possess up to 2 ounces of marijuana, but medical marijuana cards and cultivation regulations still need to be decided.

New Jersey

The Garden convey image is an alternative outline which didn€™t see medical marijuana become legal until early 2010. The program become supposed to become active six months after being voted in, but at the end of July Governor Christie requested as more time, and as a result the manner will come into effect at the end of jan 2011.

The bill cede not particular protect patients driving medical hemp from prosecution, but also provides thanks to the creation of choice treatment centers for patients using the drug.

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