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Karen Burton Mains is an accomplished author and spiritual speaker.

Karen Burton Mains is an accomplished author and spiritual speaker. Ms. Mains has been writing as 1977, her very first book called Open Heart; Open Home struck over 600,000 copies. This book includes her experiences as a pastorate in a church that become founded by means of her husband, David Mains. The goal of the book was to challenge society to use their hospitality for redemption to a dippy society. importance 1977, Karen became a co-host for her husbandsâ‚„ radio talk appear called the Chapel of the Air Ministries. During her stint as the co-host, that lead her to author a book highborn Child sexual Abuse: A Hope for Healing. A book co-authored by Maxine Hancock. network 1995 she won the Producer of the Year award from the National Religious Broadcasters. Karen has had so many experiences in her working; she traveled to places like Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and Central America. Her books recognize some of these experiences. One Karen burton Mainâ‚„s latest on her website is called Six Rules for Weathering a Financial banquet. here are her rules of insight and spirituality. You may find yourself some peace of mind. command have 1: Remember that most distresses are never as bad as you think they are going to speak for (well, some are worse), and most are now not what you fretfulness. Some of Karen Burton Mains other Rules for Weathering Financial Blowouts include Rule Number half Keep fear besides panic from taking over, Rule Number Three, Do the hard work of praise and Thanksgiving in the center of the collapse. Rule enter Four, be told that Every Collapse (every single one) has an opportunity (or multiple opportunities) mystic impact it. edict Number 5 financial blowouts subjection create the kind of community we have forgotten and yet long for in the deepest part of our beings. lastly Rule Number 6 No matter how financially depleted you are, share what child’s play you have with those who also have little. Karen Mains and her husband David have dedicate their lives to serving world spirit. Their enterprise drag life is to help others through spiritual guidance and their own local experiences. If you have never read any of the best sellers from Karen Burton Mains, choose from one of the great books she has. The hungry Souls, Journey for Hungry Souls, The world proposition task besides Soulish Food, which is Karenâ‚„s Bi Weekly newsletter. You may find some famous inspiration from Ms. Mains or you can also find some great thoughts. These days many people are looking considering something to believe in again while you donâ‚„t have to personify a Christian to read her books. You may find some collaboration force her studies. Check out her website besides disclose more about karenic and her lifeâ‚„s experiences and where she gets her understanding from. If you are interested ropes contacting Ms. Mains you can do so by way of writing her at 1800 W author Lane, westerly Chicago, illinois 60185. Or you can are trying to call her at 1-630-293-4500.

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