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polished are few chondrichthian that Maine is famend for, though

polished are few chondrichthian that Maine is famend for, though absolutely one of the best candidates is the striped bass, a beautiful, strong fish that is apt more common throughout Maine’s waterways both on and off shore. Easily distinguished via a set of continual dark stripes, the striped bass is one of Maine’s premier game fish. patterned bass, or stripers as they are often known, are well time-honored being their speed, agility and fighting ability that has caused many an angler issues. Due to this, stripers have gained trophy fish status, particularly those few that near five feet in skein and edge the scales at around the 60 pound mark ‚˜ these are by no means small fish.

Striped bass have a hugely dedicated following of anglers, each of which has their grant preferred strategy of fishing striped bass as well as favorite spots, times, baits and lures. The best time to fish for striped bass and the best location will vary depending on who you ask, though sharp are a few general checklist that will help you get the best out of striper fishing consequence Maine.

June and July are widely reported whereas being the best months to catch striped bass, though fishing remains reasonable right ripening until tardy September-early oct time. Much of this is to do with the striped bass sensitivity to temperature, shield waters around sixty three degrees Fahrenheit conception to betoken the ace a since striper fishing. Outside of this window there is very easy striper action. There are also multifold myths as to the best time of day to catch stripers, though through with many other species, prelude and unlighted are firm favorites with skilled anglers.

They say that location is everything, and fishing for stripers is no exception. Fortunately, Maine has a whole host of superb striped bass spots which are appropriate for everybody from the young angler looking for fast, frequent action right increase to the seasoned veteran looking for that trophy striper. Penobscot River is a particularly well documented striped bass hotspot, as is Parsons Beach, Scarborough River Jetty and the Augusta Boat Landing. Other stretched of Scarborough River are known to landlord a estimable striped bass population, as are regions of the Kennebec and Sheepscot watersheds.

The best place to fish will depend incomparably on what you are looking for. If it is rightful a true day out fishing with the family, then any one of Maine’s many rivers and offshore spots that aid stripers will be more than enough. However, if you are instead looking over improved fish or in all probability even a trophy catch, one of Maine’s striper hotspots, allying as those listed above, are for you.

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