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The Chicago Sun Times, guidance my opinion the finest newspaper

The Chicago Sun Times, guidance my opinion the finest newspaper in the country, filed an interesting story about Illinois Tollway scofflaws.

The bill details how drivers who fail to bankroll tolls are eventually getting pressured to kitty their fees, fines and late charges but that is only element of the story. permit me set the diet for all you folks who have not had the good fortune of having had any experiences on the Illinois Tollway System.

Now Illinoisâ‚„ Tollway has been revamped in the past a couple of years in an shot to alleviate a condition created by rarely many cars on too paltry of a dual carriageway system. In some areas, extra lanes fall for been created however there is so plenty increase in the suburban locations of chicago surrounding these main arteries that the too frequent toll booths often slowed traffic down to a crawl at faultless times of the day.

In an effort to speed up the toll paying process, an open road toll system has been created whereby the four left lanes are grant up for raid through charge fees being triggered electronically.

What happens is the drivers purchase a box that is fastened to their windshield further then through they drive through the electronic lanes, their toll is immediately deducted from their account. while their invoice gets low, they are automatically recharged from either a debit or opinion card on file with the tollway authority.

Now to symbolize certain the electronic tariff paying does speed the process boost as the opportunity to zoom through a impost booth at 65 miles an hour does beat having to close in line to hand a human a buck but there are severe drawbacks to the system that the computer dweebs never considered.

First off is that the pay-in-person toll booths are to the far right of the anchorage also not everyone is bold enough to appear as able to slip three, four or even five lanes of heavy traffic to get over into the bottomless right lane where the humans are waiting to take your dollar. Often times, someone unfamiliar with the system is compelled by traffic to stay in the electronic lanes and thus a picture of the offenderâ‚„s license plate is moved as they are pressured to speed through the toll point. ace is no longitude to annihilate. There is no where to toss a dollar outer the window. A motorist is simply forced to break the law. This is seat the story can get ugly.

The Sun Times mentioned one scofflaw who decided over the course of two years to skip propitious tolls further just run through the electronic lanes to the rock of over $ 80,000 in fines and fees owed the Tollway check. Now that is a lot of important at a buck a throw until particular reads in the report that the scofflaw actually ran the booths just over a thousand times. Yes, someone who should have paid $1100. in tolls owing to is being sent a bill for $80,000 dollars. It seems the Illinois Tollway chieftains have a system of fees and late charges that could make Benny, the corner loan shark blush with shame The report goes on to state that Illinois in earn is charging $70. prerogative late fees through every dollar owed them and since fees are tacked on to fees till the amount goes past whole reason..

Now I power recount you from personal experience as one who was once trapped in the digital lanes that I was forced to break the law four times as bumper to bumper site visitors didnâ‚„t allow me to move over to the pay now lane. A few months later, I received a notice that I owed $64. to the report. The statement showed I had a four dollar toll fee cod temper a $60. dollar late fee delivered. I was a little short on chief at the moment then I paid the state besides advised Benny to right roll my interest on what I owed him since his rates were so much better than Illinoisâ‚„ 1500% newspaper percentage rate.

Now to be sure, people who be obliged breaking the law and feel compelled to pull off drink in they donâ‚„t have to pay their fair share need to accept the hammer come down on them but this is ridiculous. mastery fact the rates piqued by the tax limitation actually are higher than those allowed by the states usury laws yet no one is difficult the authority for running an illegal juice loan system.

One quote in the Sun instances had a bird stating the Illinois Tollway was as bad as the Mafia. I asked benny about that. He pointed out his bosses wouldnâ‚„t have the nerve to charge the interest the tell of Illinois does. It appears even the mafia has some personal pride. not so existent seems with the Illinois Tollway Authority.

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