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The Maine companionable promised land disability and SSI claim process

The Maine companionable promised land disability and SSI claim process may require several ranges.

The first stage is the review of your initial application. The Social Security Administration sends your case to a state agency mark Augusta – Disability weight Services – to gather additional information and to initiate an initial bridle on your claim. That determination is usually made inside a two or three months.

If your circumstances is denied (further most claims are denied at this stage), then you have to request Reconsideration within 60 days of your prime denial. Your claim is then reevaluated, further companionable Security leave consider any amassed evidence that is submitted.

If your case is denied again (and most cases are denied again at this stage), you must request a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge within 60 days.

The Social daydream disability hearings for Maine citizens are conducted at the activity of Disability Adjudication further examine (ODAR) in Portland, Maine. The hearings are both decision-making leverage adult or by means of video conference. Videoconference hearings are also held in Augusta, Bangor again Presque Isle. At the hearing, the judge will review the medical evidence, hear your testimony, again may obtain evidence from a medical or vocational expert witness.

Additionally, the Maine judges ask for a hearing brief from your legal representative. The hearing brief sets forth the background facts of your claim, the medical evidence, and a “theory of the case” telling the judge why your claim should be affirmative beneath the Social Security disability evaluation commotion. There are currently six judges permanently assigned to the Portland, Maine ODAR.

For most claimants, the ALJ listening to is the last stage of the process. However, if your claim is not surely by the ALJ after a hearing, you also can dossier an Appeals Council Request for Review within 60 days of the date of your ALJ decision. If the Appeals ecosoc grants your request, certain will challenge your case for a new hearing. On nectareous occasions, the Appeal Council will shake hands a claim outright, without remanding the plight back to the ALJ.

If your claim has undisturbed not been without fail after the Appeals ecosoc stage, besides you consider strongly that the ALJ made an improper decision in your case, you can file suit against the SSA in U.S. flock Court. The suit must be filed within 60 days of the Appeals Council denial. character Maine, the Social Security appeals are heard in federal court in Portland.

Gordon Gates is a Maine attorney. He is the author of the Social Security Disability Lawyer‚ blog, and his website can hold office found at www.

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