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We’ve unbroken thought approximately getting away further possibly enjoying our

We€™ve unbroken thought approximately getting away further possibly enjoying our favorite pastime without the cares of everyday life to interfere. Many scrapbookers enjoy this else idea of going away for a few life and scrapbooking the whole case. So what deserve to you look for when choosing a good retreat:

1.) location – this is the famously important. If you want perceptible obtain so you don€™t affirm to payment for travel expenses or if you really want to get directly from you home state €” make sure you concur the locale first.

2.) Lodging & cuisine – is it provided? Do you crave to be able to attempt extraneous for meals on your own or do you want you food brought to you. To create the immensely of your scrapbooking time, are trying to choose a retreat that does all the cooking, cleaning, etc so you can scrap undivided you desire. As for lodging, check to see if you get your own bed or bedroom or if you will be bringing you own sleeping bag !!

3.) Quantity of People – make active sure that you know how many people will be there and if you are ok with intrinsic. Some places check spaces for hundreds of scrappers besides others are further intimate – maybe well-suited 10 or 15. make sure you are comfortable with the amount of people.

4.) Extras – You desire to actualize sure that the scrapbooking retreat also has the gravy you might need dote on use of die-cuts, stamps, computers, printers, idea books, and supplies you can subscribe on-site (so you don€™t have to waste point outermost looking for a scrapbooking supply store). Also, check to see if they will be providing your snacks/drinks/treats.

The best road is to search the internet owing to a area prominence your area or a place that you would like to visit and join with other scrappers. If you are a little scared to bring off firm all on your own, find a friend further connect with a group. Below I have blanketed some good websites and companies that do scrapbooking retreats:

All Over the U.S.:


California: , ,



Eastern States:



Gulf Coast:

Illinois: ,


Maryland, northerly Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, further westerly Virginia: ,

Michigan: , ,


New Hampshire, Maine, & Surrounding Areas:

New York:



Ohio: ,

Oklahoma, Louisiana, Texas: ,



Texas: ,

Utah: , ,


Virginia: , ,

Washington: ,

West Virginia:

Wisconsin: ,

Hope you enjoy your time away. Happy Scrappin€™!

Robin M. King is a photographer and long-time scrapbooker. female is a contributer to, a comparison shopping tool for scrapbooking supplies. untangle her blog and Ask Robin questions.

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